Week one is complete (10 more weeks left) and I’ve incorporated some new moves into my regular weight lifting routine. I read a lot about isolated moves for your gluteus muscles. There are three muscles making up the bootay... mine are all somewhat firm but small, minuscule even. gluteals-and-piriformisIf I’m going to fit in on stage at a NPC Bikini competition I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. I watched some tutorials and read some muscle mag articles on isolation moves for the butt. The bodybuilding chicks all agree that you can do squats for days but if you want a firmer, larger butt, you really need to do isolated movements. I don’t have big thighs or butt so I will do a combo of both, but first, I will practice in my living room before I start adding crazy weights or resistance. read more...



As it turns out just signing up for a Bikini Comp is confusing as fuck. What am I exactly? A novice? An 35+? A master? An open? After emailing the contest promoter it was clear as mud that as a beginner I was going to be in the novice class and even if you win the novice division you will not be eligible for national level wins. Ummm, ok no worries. Jesus it’s my first and probably only competition, I’m certainly not looking to get my pro-card. read more... 1-isaac

Time for Some ME Time

After birthing two kids in a short period of time I found myself with very little “me” time, and had very little hobbies that remained my own. I haven’t even finished the book laying in my nightstand drawer that I started with my first pregnancy. I work part-time as an RN, and the rest of my time is spent as a stay at home mom to my 3.5 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son. I read, I teach, I listen to whining, I have constant conversations- many of which are exactly the same as the last time, I color, I sing and have dance parties, I have my cooking thrown across the room, I wipe butts, and kiss boo-boos and in the middle of the day on most days, I get a reprieve. NAP TIME. read more...


Hiking with the Kids