Time for Some ME Time

After birthing two kids in a short period of time I found myself with very little “me” time, and had very little hobbies that remained my own. I haven’t even finished the book laying in my nightstand drawer that I started with my first pregnancy. I work part-time as an RN, and the rest of my time is spent as a stay at home mom to my 3.5 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son. I read, I teach, I listen to whining, I have constant conversations- many of which are exactly the same as the last time, I color, I sing and have dance parties, I have my cooking thrown across the room, I wipe butts, and kiss boo-boos and in the middle of the day on most days, I get a reprieve.

                                NAP TIME.


Hiking with the Kids

Last year shortly after my son’s 1st birthday I decided to sign up for an Obstacle Course Race. Being the Type-A nurse that I am, I researched the shit out of which race would be best to begin with, where to train, how to train, what to wear, what to expect, etc. I gathered three of my best girlfriends and we began training with 100 days to go. My husband says 100 days is too far out for most people to stick to goals, and maybe he was right because in the end I took the training pretty seriously and completed the race feeling like I could’ve been more challenged. Attempting to gather the amazing camaraderie and momentum and excitement shared by my friends I suggested we do a Spartan race next. Crickets. Ok no worries, these girls were still down for more fun runs but as far as Spartan goes, I was on my own. The Spartan series races are considered more serious because while anyone can compete in them and finish, if you can’t complete an obstacle you are penalized 30 burpees. A brutal exercise where you throw your tired bones to the ground, push up and jump with arms overhead and repeat. Whereas the fun runs are just that, muddy and challenging and fun but if you don’t think you can complete a task, you can just skip it – no questions asked.


Pre Spartan Sprint

Turns out a lot of people Spartan alone.. I trained working hard on my endurance and upper body strength and even strategy. I attended a Spartan Race Clinic to practice key obstacles that were guaranteed to be at the race. I watched YouTube videos on how to scale the 8 foot wall and then found something at my gym that was similar in height and began practicing. Eleven weeks after our fun run, I ran the Spartan Sprint (5 miles long and 23 obstacles) alone in Lake Elsinore, CA.


Bucket “O” Rocks Challenge

My husband and kids came to cheer me on, only the “live” updates he received based on my tracker were about 15 minutes behind so he was off entertaining the toddlers while I scaled a mud soaked wall, dove under ice cold muddy water, and jumped over fucking fire only to be greeted by NO ONE. It was legit the saddest and happiest moment ever. Yaaaaaaay me! I finished this race and did well, noooooo ooonnnnee saw me, no one cares!!! I met back up with them to find the baby passed out in the backpack and the 3 year old on a straight suicide course for a massive melt down. I didn’t even stay long enough to get my free celebratory beer, just grabbed a protein bar to-go and took the long drive back home covered in old dried mud.

Waaa waaaaaaaaa.


Post Race Bliss

I was super stoked with my first Spartan results, so I of course immediately signed up for another one. The problem is that the next race isn’t until October. That’s 248 days away still and I am a goal driven person so I’ve to do something really stupid in the interim.

So, in 72 days I am going to compete in an NPC Bikini Competition.


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