Back to bedazzle town. MAN, do I love a good crafting sesh. Let me tell you a little about the type of shit I get done during nap time. One summer, during my kids’ naps I completely redesigned our front yard, moving yards and yards of lava rock out, planting new succulent cuttings and installing a paved pathway. I initially looked at hiring a contractor and found no one would take a job this “small” so I enlisted my Enginerd husband’s concrete expertise and voila! Our curb appeal is taking shape. Almost all the succulent clippings were from neighbors, my hubby poured the concrete himself, and I posted an ad on Craigslist and successfully got rid of all the white and red lava rock, making our front yard makeover so cheap. Well, I mean minus my sweat labor.




It’s spring time now about a year later and the front yard is really starting to bloom.

During a recent nap time I attempted and failed a turmeric face mask… the bitch online never said it would stain my face for days!!! How did I not realize this as I was applying raw turmeric to my face? And how are the benefits outweighing this huge downside, I mean really? “Wow my skin is so clear!! A little jaundiced appearing but totally clear”!


During another nap time I used some old reclaimed wood and created a succulent planter for my back patio. This was an old palette, some galvanized buckets from the craft store and some clippings from my front yard. I drilled holes in the buckets for drainage and mounted them to the wood. img_4013


During nap times I create Halloween costumes and birthday party props galore!!! I’m a Libra and the only thing more fun than Halloween is a themed birthday party and now I have two tiny people who allow me to plan themed parties for them AND design Halloween costumes to boot. Needless to say, I get pretty stressed out and excited come September and October.


During one nap I created a succulent wreath for my front door with some hot glue and fake succulents so I literally NEVER have to water it or trim it. How very old lady of me. 13179172_10153470248992051_7293496302377834204_n

So as daunting as it sounds, I’m pretty sure I can bedazzle the shit out of an ordinary purple bikini. I actually ran out of crystals and eventually time because, in the end, they always wake up and craft time comes to an abrupt halt. So I’ll head back to the craft store tomorrow to re-up my bling. I figure it will take me about 4-5 solid nap sessions to get this bikini looking like I spent 300$ on it like the rest of the girls. But here’s a sneak peak.


One thought on “63 DAYS TO GO

  1. I love Vivi as Cruella so much! You should add a picture of the front yard when you moved in. Those lava rocks and no plants were crazy.


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