It’s Monday so it’s time for my quick weekly photo update here. Nothing too exciting as far as I can tell, but it’s only been 13 days since I decided to do this. And as the old saying goes steady wins the race right? It fucking better, I only have 9 weeks left!

I’ve got 10 more days till my pre-planned girls trip (dad’s turn to play single parent) to Los Angeles. We’ve got all kinds of bad stuff planned like dinner at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, SUR, where we hope to spot some of our favorite reality TV assholes, oops I mean, “stars”. We are site-seeing on Melrose and Rodeo and doing the weird Hollywood walk of fame, we are drinking copious amounts of liquor poolside, and we are sleeping IN!!!!! At least as late as our mom brains will let us, hopefully the booze helps. Sunday we plan to wash it all away at a legit Korean wet spa, a spa where you hot tub, cool tub, sauna, and steam room all morning to get your skin nice and supple so that a tiny Asian woman can jump on your back like a spider monkey and scrub your skin down with basically a brillo pad to exfoliate the living life out of you. I kid you not they scrub you in places you didn’t even know you had dead skin to shed, the inner elbow crease, back of the knees, bottom of the ankle bones, you name it and she’ll be on it like white on rice. I took my mom once to our local Korean wet spa and I could just hear her on her table trying to convince her masseuse that “my leg doesn’t bend that way”, I could hear her moans but was way too deep in my own pain to help her. Later she showed me bruising on her hand from the massage portion of the treatment. In all honesty, she really DOES bruise easily, but really a bruise on the meat of your hand? That’s impressive especially considering your massage therapist is never over 5’3 or 105 lbs. After the scrub you get an oil massage, facial, hair washing and generally it ends with a milk bath. You’re free to spend the rest of the day back in the tubs or in the saunas but typically by then end you feel so relaxed and like you just had the shit kicked out of you all at the same time you’re usually quite exhausted. Afterwards your skin feels like a baby’s butt and we usually leave right away to enjoy our new fresh skin and compare bruises. Anyway, totally looking forward to it!!! I’m going to try as hard as I can to stick with my diet and am curious how alcohol will fit into my macros? We shall see!


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