HOLY SHIT! There are just 46 days to go and I just got back from my epic girls trip to LA where I gained (no joke) 5 FUCKING POUNDS!!!! Within the first few hours of being there I had stopped counting calories and started drinking booze… then the snack attack began. I had crackers, chips, ice cream, beer, vodka, champagne, clamato juice, pasta, burger, fries, chicken shawarma, falafel, rice, and candy!!!!!! I think I completely forgot to drink water and the Fiber One cereal and Greek yogurt I brought with me from home were still packaged nicely when we frantically packed up on Sunday morning to check out. What a seriously, tragic, hot mess. I also don’t feel like I took a legitimate poop the entire weekend, with zero roughage in my system and only one toilet to share among 4 women, I tend to run a little on the shit shy side. So I’m really hoping I’ve got a ton of water weight and several pounds of waste backed up and I can get back on track super quick. I have been on the 1500-calorie diet for several weeks now and am freaking the fuck out with just 7 weeks before contest day. So I shaved off 200 calories per day, and adjusted my macros in attempt to lose some serious fat and get these muscles popping. Starting just 1300 calories per day and macros set up of 45% protein, 35% carbs and 20% fat this week. Eventually I’ll go down to 1100 or 1200 calories depending on results I see or not?????? I am sort of at a loss.. perhaps I should hire a trainer, nutritionist, and posing coach? NO! This is do or die. I still need to build a bubble butt!!!!! WHO LET ME SIGN UP FOR THIS?!?!?! IMG_6088I didn’t even take a weekly photo this week because the shock of the scale was enough to send me into a tailspin. I did some practice posing and I think I am ever so slightly improved from week one. I am going for a simple routine and self confidence. Hard to be confident when you trip on rugs. Clearly, I need to trade in my slippers for heels around the house and get a lot more comfortable in walking in heels.

I was riding on such an amazing high too. Just before we left I had another InBody Composition test done at the Y which showed another pound lost, my body fat percentage was down 1.5% and a whole 1.5 lb of muscle mass gained! But like so many people’s dreams in LA, all of that went straight down the toilet. And we didn’t even see any legit celebrities!!!

So it’s back to the gym HARD for me this week.. and it’s time I got to work bedazzling the bottom half of my bikini too. My fancy straps arrived and I need to bust out the sewing machine and glue. 46 days and counting…




4 thoughts on “46 DAYS TO GO

  1. Looks like you need to sit out naked in your yard for a few weeks. Your shoulders are beautifully tanned compared to your white butt.


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