Old Lady Crafting


Before- Ugly Ant Highrise

I’ve been letting the creative juices flow pretty heavy these days planning for my son’s 2nd birthday party. I had a bit of an overflow of creativity and repurposed an old birdbath that’s been an eye sore in the back yard since we moved in. We bought our 1950’s California ranch home from a sweet old woman who had lived here from when it was built to when she passed away at 100 years old. (No ghosts here, she passed away outside of the home). Because I love the design aesthetics of the time and many things in the home were in great shape we were able to keep many things original. This birdbath however was ugly and has been hiding behind an overgrown ornamental bush. It’s usually filled with dead leaves and probably mosquito larva so it was time to re-use and re-purpose. Read more...


EPIC-ly Hard

RF2017-PR-361-SAfter a week in Alaska spent heavily medicated on Nyquil, Sudafed and white wine, I returned home and remembered I had signed up for the EPIC series race happening just 2 days after we got back. I returned to the gym in attempts to regain strength that was surely lost after a week of sinus infection and “vacationing” with kids. Read more...