Forced Vacay

For the last two weeks I’ve been stuck in a weird transition period where my old job has ended but my new job hasn’t yet started. I’ve been completing HR orientations and pre-employment health testing and physicals and TB tests but that’s just a few hours here and there. Meanwhile we’ve already paid for our regular daycare hours so I’ve had two full weeks where the kids are at school and mommy’s at home relaxing in pure, joyous, magical silence. First I got caught up with a GROSS amount of Real Housewives (of multiple cities) then I got all up to date on a new favorite, HBO’s “Insecure”, and most recently started watching Game of Thrones all over again from the very beginning. I can hardly keep track of all the crazy nerd conspiracy theories because I can barely even pronounce or remember character’s names, let alone remember what happened like 6 years ago. Winter is coming… I think?

I did quite a bit of thrifting as well and found some kids clothes, some new tops for myself, and lastly a new purse. I’ve been really, really loving all of the boho 70’s throwbacks, the embroidered Mexican style flowy shirts and mumu dresses that have come full circle recently. I keep trying on these off -the-shoulder peasant tops and always end up returning them to the rack because I feel like a) where am I going to wear this top? b) oh great, now I’ll need a new strapless bra!!! and c) is this too sexy for a mom of two? So back to the rack they go and this stupid fucking trend will probably come and go before I get the balls to just buy the damn shirt. IMG_8175

What I DID find is a cool 70s saddle bag purse. It appears to be some off brand and only partially genuine-leather, but as a mom I am loving this cross body purses that allows me to have both hands free to hold grocery bags or my kids hands without my 80 pound purse falling off my shoulder every 5 seconds. The good news was that the purse was just 5$, the not great news was that it was missing the second buckle and clasp system at the closure. I took a risk and spent the 5$ and headed over to JoAnn Fabrics for a replacement magnet snap. IMG_8176

Then came the hard part, finding a belt buckle to match the original. So off to thrift stores I went, and like always the golden rule of thrifting comes into play: when you don’t really need something at a thrift store you’ll see a thousand of it, but when you DO need it, whatever it is-it is no where to be found. I can envision seeing a million brown Western style belts at any given thrift shop on any given day, but now that I was really looking I couldn’t find a single one. After about three stores I finally found this plain, gold and brown, pleather women’s belt. The gold was the right tone and though it was less ornate, the brown leather matched well, and frankly it would have to do because my new job was beginning this week.

I deconstructed the belt with scissors and used an X-acto knife to pierce holes to install the new magnetic snap. I looped the belt buckle through and voila! 7$ later I had a new purse closure that doesn’t exactly match but it certainly doesn’t look horrible! I bought this peasant dress at the same store where I scored the purse but it’s proven to be too short to wear other than a swim suit cover and too long to wear as a top. Back to square one on the damn peasant top!


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