Fairy Slime

mushIt’s fall and that means it’s time to celebrate the Libras in our lives!!! Libras love to celebrate and they love themselves, as it turns out, (I would know) so when my daughter and her BFF decided on a ‘fairy princess garden party” for this year’s birthday theme, the Libra mom in me went all out!

Luckily, it’s almost Halloween time so it was easy to find a fairy costume at a thrift store for Vivi. vivi-0162She was pretty much super stoked on just the dress and the fact that she got to paint her nails with purple glitter polish so I probably could’ve left it at that but instead me and my co-planner mom BFF got to work on what became an epic (kid) birthday party.

We decided that the girls were old enough this year to attempt an evening party. The main goal was simply to beat the heat as it’s usually 90-100 degrees in September in San Diego. Of course the one weekend we plan a night party, it’s well below average in the 70s, but whatever, we encouraged guests to bring a sweater and moved forward.

We wanted to make our own party favors with our girls and figured making slime seemed easy enough. My daughter has watched countless weird ladies and teens on YouTube playing with colorful slime they’ve created with Elmer’s glue and water. Shouldn’t be too hard right? WRONG.

I spent hours with my daughter just wasting bottle after bottle of glue ending up with the wrong thick, sticky consistency over and over. I finally sent her to bed for the night, busted out a bottle of wine, and made it my mission to find the RIGHT method online. I finally did find it, along with several other super frustrated blogger moms, and I was glad to see I wasn’t alone. In the end, the method that worked for me was 4:1:1 ratio. Add 4 tablespoons of water to 1 tablespoon of glue and 1 tablespoon of Borax  in a ziplock bag and squish it all together. BOOM!!!! When you get it, you get it. This method is by far the best for any Type-A mom who hates making a mess such as myself. I hope if anything, this blog will help save other poor moms from the heartache and sticky horrible disaster that is making slime with your children. I added food coloring and some glitter and let Vivi decorate the lids with stickers. We jarred it and set it aside as a disgusting, messy parting gift that I’m sure is currently being hated on by all the parents who attended our soiree. Sorrrrrrrryyyyy!!!!!

I spent a solid week during nap times transforming my backyard into a whimsical fairy wonderland. Christmas lights and faux vines, silk flowers, gnome figurines, citronella candles, and a fabric draped gazebo were key elements in the setting. I painted a night time scene onto an old piece of plywood for a kid sized photo backdrop and added logs and plants to surround it.

The other mom got to work on darling appetizers and borrowed super cute cake stands from a friend, which totally took our table settings from lame backyard picnic to Real Housewives of San Diego level bad assery. I found a hand made 3-tiered tray at Salvation Army and she covered it with faux grass and butterflies and topped it all with her lady- bug bruschetta and later, with her adorable homemade mushroom cupcakes.

The adults enjoyed beer, wine, and pink fairy juice aka a Raspberry Smash cocktail. It was sweet and refreshing, a combo of gin and lemonade with muddled raspberries, mint, and cucumber. I added a little splash of seltzer as well to make it a little more bubbly. I forgot to eat most of the night because I was too busy chatting with guests, but the magical fairy juice kept me alive and twinkling.

The kids ran off into the night with glow sticks and sugar frosting. I don’t remember them specifically thanking us two moms for all our hard work planning this extravaganza, but hey, were just moms right? It’s what we do.Sept-0217_preview


2 thoughts on “Fairy Slime

  1. Nicki, You are amazing! I feel like I need to cower when I think of the parties your sisters were thrown! You are so creative! I really loved the little door on the tree with the rocks leading up! I will be trying the adult beverage and if I don’t master it, I’ll need you to teach me!!! Great job! Vivi and Leo are two lucky kids!


    • Oh thanks so much! I really just have taken the love and energy I had for my own birthday and Halloween and channeled it into my kids 🙂 The fairy door was Renata’s vision, I just made it come to life. We can have some Fairy Juice when you get here, I have plenty of mint growing in the garden 🙂 See you soon!


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