The Unmotivated Spartan

It’s just 30 days till my next Spartan Sprint but I am feeling so unmotivated. So much so that I think I’m just stalling by creating projects that never really needed starting.

For instance our guest bathroom: It always had fantastic vintage bones with its shiny black tile and baby puke pink tub and walls. When we first bought the house it still had the original matching pink toilet and gold flecked counter top which I loved but the county requires that any new home or newly purchased home be fitted with an energy efficient toilets and shower heads. So we replaced the vanity and got a new clean white toilet and I painted the walls a clean off-white and called it good.

When I was a kid I would get restless in my own room and would spend hours re-arranging furniture from wall to wall. I had started to do that in our own living room the other day, trying to imagine a more open space but as it turns, out we just really need to knock down the kitchen wall and frankly I just didn’t have the time (or an 18 foot beam) during nap.

While at Target one day on a mission for batteries and kids socks I got called to the décor section by a force stronger than I could resist and wound up with a new white and gold flecked shower curtain. When I got back home I started searching on Pinterest for vintage color themes that worked with the pink and black. Turns out that seafoam green was the other big color for bathrooms in 1957 and while I really like the black and mint combo, it was a bit much with the pink. Instead I opted for a deeper darker version, I got some picture frames from the thrift store and spray painted them black then filled them with some art from an old calendar we had. I grabbed a gold potted succulent from my back porch, bought a new hand towel and bath rug and I was done. In the end, the guest bath looks something like a 1980’s hotel room in Miami, Florida. And, as it turns out, I’m ok with that. Bring on the flamingos and daiquiris!


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