Meet My New Trainer

As each day passes I am well aware we are getting closer and closer to our big 13.1 mile race. How could I forget? My husband reminds me each time I’ve decided it’s too cold to train or when I come back after just a mile or two. “You do know that you signed up for a ½ marathon right? Yeah, yeah- I fucking know.IMG_0260

So my race partner and I officially started off training with a St. Patty’s Day 5k. We’re not really sure why it was called the “St. Patrick’s Day 5k and ½ Marathon” because it was a solid 2 weeks before the actual holiday,but it was a great excuse to drink free beer at 8:00am after our solid 32 minute finish. We figured we would each listen to music but ended up comfortably jogging and chatting the entire time. We finished up by walking 2 miles for a hot breakfast and then back to the car, logging nearly 7 miles all before lunch time.

We’ve got 12 weeks left and are starting out at a decent 10-minute mile pace. We’ve agreed to meet weekly on Sunday mornings to do our “long runs” together and train individually 2 days during the week. I, as it turns out, hate running alone. I lack the motivation and being solo I miss the herd mentality that keeps me engaged. Enter my 30 day free trial of the app called, “Aaptiv”. (They have not paid me to review their app- though they should, somebody fucking should because this blog makes me zero money). Aaptiv kept popping up in my Facebook feed and I decided to give it a whirl. I feel it’s rather spendy if I decide to keep it, but then again so are gym memberships and classes and personal trainers. This app has every type of workout you could want from yoga to strenght training to race/distance training. I chose the ½ marathon program where I was introduced to my new trainer, Rochelle. She is the voice of the 12 week running plan who keeps me on track and keeps me motivated. She plays upbeat music and tells me exactly when to breath, look straight ahead, jog it out, pick up my pace, or stay in the zone, etc- all the good shit a great fitness instructor says during a class. The music is the perfect tempo for the workouts and each week they get slightly more intense and/or longer.

I was a little surprised though that day 1 of week 1’s workout had you legit RUNNING for 30 minutes. Like not walking, not slow jog but running a 5k essentially. So I wouldn’t recommend it for someone going from couch to ½ marathon in 12 weeks because clearly you need to be able to run 3 miles without stopping just to start Rochelle’s program- she’s a hard ass who loves Britney Spears what can I say?

But she says all the right stuff and makes me feel like I’m jogging with someone and that’s exactly what I need. She tells me things like, “Remember that goal you set on day one, remember your intentions, and just know that I’ll be right here with you the whole way! Woooooo!” and I’m like, “Thanks girl, I fucking love you too!!!!” I talk so much about my new “friend” Rochelle that I think my REAL running partner is an itsy bit jealous. This past Sunday we all went for a run together and I had to turn Rochelle off because she and my real life partner kept talking over each other. Rochelle is definitely a talker- she can’t help it, oh well not all your dearest friends are going to get on well together, right? So during the weeknights Rochelle and I will hit the streets and I’m going to enjoy my long runs with my (real life) friend on Sundays which is on a great trail next to a nice lake. The weather has been gloomy lately but as it turns out, fantastic for running in San Diego. We cranked out 4 miles this past weekend and will do 5 next weekend.  Yikes!!!

Best of all I’m only 100$ away from my 500$ goal for St. Jude and with 82 days to go it feels good not to have that large sum looming over my head. I also scored some new running shoes at a tent sale at my local running store so I think I’m about set. I do need to order one of those goofy waistband water bottle holders though as Rochelle tells me frequently to “grab some water” while we’re out together, especially as these miles add up.





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