Half Way Point

Well, we are half way into training for this half-marathon and I was pretttttty sure I had developed the beginning of a stress fracture. A constant nagging ache and throbbing that comes after: getting brand new shoes (check), starting a new workout routine such as running (check), and doing repetitive movements (check). My friend and informal coach and I agreed to take a break until I saw my doctor this week and then decide what to do from there. Which is good, I need to stop and listen to my body and right now my body is checked the fuck out on vacation.IMG_0559

In just 2 days we (my brave husband and myself) are taking our 2 and 4 year olds on our first bonafide family vacation. A vacation where we aren’t visiting relatives or attending a holiday get-together, I’m talking a real-ass-international-drinks-on-the-beach vacation (well, plus the kids)! The Veds are headed to Costa Rica! We plan on spending some time up in the mountainous rain forests and then trek down to the Pacific side for some National Park touring and beach time. The kids are beyond excited and have been counting down for over 100 days now. We’ve been learning about sloths, monkeys, and butterflies and I sure hope Costa Rica delivers. I also hope my kids are nice to us, grateful/polite, eat the local food, don’t whine and cry extensively, and are well behaved on the plane and long drives… wish us luck!!!

In the meanwhile, results are back from my X-ray and I’ve been cleared! Turns out my bones are fine (yaaaaaaay!) but I do have tendonitis- likely from lacing my new shoes too tightly, and… arthritis (booooo!!! When did I get so oooollllddd?). So I am clear to resume training with a new method of tying my laces, post run icing/elevating, and lots of Ibuprofen.

After Costa Rica I plan on returning to the grind and finishing this race like a BOSS. IMG_0499The weekly long runs have been totally tolerable, even kind of nice (minus the aching foot). Not because I’m “in the zone” or have developed a love of running- God no, but just because it gives me time away from the house to do something for me and connect with my girlfriend. While we run we talk about our kids, our jobs, our plans, and the time really flies by. Without her I’m afraid I would’ve burned out long ago, but because of her and her fabulous story telling I am up to running 7 miles without stopping which I think is pretty fucking crazy, definitely not something I could do a month ago or ever before.

I am just $40 shy of my $500 goal for St. Jude! (Phew) and just under 40 days to go! Please click on the link and give a dollar if you can!!! Wish me luck, I’m going to need it after this nice break in Costa Rica!


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