We Made It!!!

First international family vacation was a great success in that we eventually made it home and everyone is accounted for. It wasn’t looking good for a while there but I am happy to report that we are back on US soil and staying put for a bit while we regain courage and/or stupidity to take … Continue reading We Made It!!!


Half Way Point

Well, we are half way into training for this half-marathon and I was pretttttty sure I had developed the beginning of a stress fracture. A constant nagging ache and throbbing that comes after: getting brand new shoes (check), starting a new workout routine such as running (check), and doing repetitive movements (check). My friend and … Continue reading Half Way Point

The Unmotivated Spartan

It’s just 30 days till my next Spartan Sprint but I am feeling so unmotivated. So much so that I think I’m just stalling by creating projects that never really needed starting. before bath process progress bath For instance our guest bathroom: It always had fantastic vintage bones with its shiny black tile and baby puke pink tub and walls. When we first bought the house it still had the original matching pink toilet and gold flecked counter top which I loved but the county requires that any new home or newly purchased home be fitted with an energy efficient toilets and shower heads. So we replaced the vanity and got a new clean white toilet and I painted the walls a clean off-white and called it good. Read more...

Forced Vacay

For the last two weeks I’ve been stuck in a weird transition period where my old job has ended but my new job hasn’t yet started. I’ve been completing HR orientations and pre-employment health testing and physicals and TB tests but that’s just a few hours here and there. Meanwhile we’ve already paid for our regular daycare hours so I’ve had two full weeks where the kids are at school and mommy’s at home relaxing in pure, joyous, magical silence. First I got caught up with a GROSS amount of Real Housewives (of multiple cities) then I got all up to date on a new favorite, HBO’s “Insecure”, and most recently started watching Game of Thrones all over again from the very beginning. I can hardly keep track of all the crazy nerd conspiracy theories because I can barely even pronounce or remember character’s names, let alone remember what happened like 6 years ago. Winter is coming… I think? Read more...

Building New Beginnings

It’s been a long time since I last posted. I’ve been busy hustling and networking and interviewing and finally after a loooong week of waiting, I got word that I was offered a new position! To be honest I’ve been pretty unhappy with my work for a long time, healthcare reform has changed things and hospitals are struggling to make money, keep patients happy and healthy, and retain good nurses. Hence, my exit... byyyeeeeeeeeee! Read more...